Let us manage your Web-Site and you can focus on your core business!  Why waste the time and expense of training your staff up to manage (often infrequent) tasks when they can be EARNING you money instead?

  • Includes Upgrades Package
  • Includes Backups Package
  • Includes Shared Hosting Package
  • Just Add/Edit your own content!  We do the rest!
  • Discounted support rates for adhoc or support work
  • We can design and build your web-site for you (extra cost)

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Protect Your Reputation!

Minimise down-time in the event of a hacked or broken Web-Site.

Reduce Your Risk!

Rest assured that your data is stored safely off-site in case of an emergency!

Cheap Insurance!

Do you need an impromptu Backup before starting on a project?  Do you need your data restored from your most recent backup?  As a Backup Plan Subscriber you have access to our special support rate of only $50 (AUD) per Hour. (Most Backups or Restores would take less than an hour).

You need more Backups?

We’ll happily put together a quote for a tailored Backup plan that EXACTLY meets your needs – Just ask us!


Your Website should be changed regularly to keep people interested and coming back, and also to maintain your Google Ranking.

Hosting with WebKeeper gives you the option of maintain your own content with the renowned and popular WordPress Editor, or submitting your changes to us for implementation at a low cost.